Who we are

Some insight into Big Picture’s history and approach.

Think Big and see the Big Picture

By providing ‘best in class’ sales and marketing services Big Picture continues to deliver creative solutions to the technology market. Our Team work with you to immerse ourselves into your product range and culture. By understanding your goals we deliver consistent, clear messaging to your customers.

The end product reflects both your brand and Big Picture’s training vision to provide a simple, effective experience.

Our History

Big Picture was born in 1996 out of an industry need to provide specialist Field Marketing services for the Consumer Electronics category. Over the years the Big Picture team has delivered bespoke campaigns, addressing the very specific needs of our clients. The ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work in an industry where technology changes so quickly.

As our clients’ products have developed so have the services we offer. Our portfolio of services now covers the full customer journey from online demonstration, digital training to B2C and B2B sales support. We see the bigger picture by delivering a continuously developing service.

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Operational System

We use bespoke proprietary systems to collect our data and distribute our content. With ePIC™ our reporting can be tailored for 1 to 500+ products, whilst ensuring that the reporting time and admin are kept to a minimum. Flexible and versatile back end systems allow our team to change reporting requirements on the fly, giving real time data and insights. SEE-DRIVE™ is our content delivery database designed to be a secure, scalable solution supporting multiple formats including video, images, iBooks and other interactive training tools.

Operational System

Omni-channel approach

In order to deliver an effective and comprehensive strategy our services span multiple channels and segments. By planning our activities with all channels in mind we can ensure that we deliver a message tailored to the specific audience. Promotion and product training teams work with consumers in retail and online, with B2B in distribution and reseller sales centres, as well as directly with large enterprise customers.
So, whilst the message is clear and aligned to all channels the delivery will be made with a targeted focus and by specialised teams.


Creative solutions

Our unique approach to Clients’ challenges is one of our key strengths. Our Client Services Team have delivered years of creative and innovative solutions providing best in class, customer centric activities. Often the simplest solution can be complex to deliver which is why we engage with web developers, performance artists, designers, presentation coaches and many other skilled specialists to find new ways to deliver your message.
If you need to get to the heart of your customer base, move away from traditional locations and make your brand stand out.

Creative Solution
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