Effective eLearning Content

We specialise in creating learning content designed to empower your business.

From bespoke eLearning experiences to engaging workshops and blended learning solutions.


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Better Business Outcomes:

Our learning specialists deep dive into your organisation to craft the ideal learning experience that will achieve your business goals, suit your team structure and simplify your training.

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Content Built For Purpose:

Whether it’s interactive videos with built in quizzes or modules aimed at developing technical expertise, our learning designers employ the latest tech stacks and research to deliver cutting-edge User Experiences.



We take all your existing content and build on it to craft a curriculum that is optimised for your business objectives. Create segmented learning portals for different partners and regions, all centrally accessed by you. We can build the system and onboard your teams as to how to use them, or you can leave the management entirely to us.

Cutting edge CONTENT

Keep your teams engaged across every medium. We create videos and animations that drive knowledge retention.

Our learning consultants work with your Subject Matter Experts to develop the most effective delivery method based on the topic.

We employ next-generation advances to improve LMS usage with things like in-video quizzes, vertical-first video as well as interactive AR games.

Case Studies


EMEA Retail Lead at Global Fortune 500 Imaging Company

“Big Picture fully understand the crucial role eLearning plays in Channel Marketing. From the very beginning, they actively sought to understand our business goals, brand identity and unique selling points. 

Their team of talented professionals possesses an in-depth understanding of tech, enabling them to design and develop eLearning content that is not only engaging, but also highly effective at landing with our target audience.”

World Leaders in LMS Platforms

“Our software development process was greatly facilitated by their highly knowledgeable and articulate team who incorporated our tools whilst collaborating on introducing innovative features to the process which, in turn, enhanced our own service offering.  

Big Picture team is goal orientated. They were responsive, proactive, and demonstrated excellent project management skills. Their prompt feedback and open communication made our collaboration seamless and strengthened our partnership. All this set a new standard for LMS platforms centred around UX and UI.

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