Optimized e-learning and training through designing a bespoke LMS platform

Optimized e-learning and training across 90 countries with over 7,000 staff with an 80% increase in engagement rates through designing a bespoke LMS platform.

The Client:

A multinational technology corporation known for providing hybrid cloud solutions to high-performance computing.


The Challenge:

Conduct product and sales training of over 3,000 staff across 50 countries and ensure they remain up to date.


The Solution:

Our e-learning designers built a bespoke Learning Management System allowing trainees access to engaging learning courses, and assessments. An accreditation system with sharable Credly authorised badges via LinkedIn was implemented to boost motivation and engagement. To handle queries we integrated an AI-powered Search Engine which provided curated solutions enhanced with trainers tailoring answers to teams’ needs.



  • Rolled out to a global network of trainers, covering a further 90 countries with 7,000 staff
  • Enhanced quality of training with training teams’ ability to identify gaps in knowledge and deliver targeted training
  • Boost in training engagement with increased sharing of content and knowledge

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