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Reconnecting Clients with Customers Through an Online Chat Solution

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At Big Picture we are optimistic during the current climate. Rising to the remote challenges it has presented our business. Focusing on, and continuing to utilise our valued employees’ talent and continuing to support our fantastic clients. Leading us to use innovation and reconnecting our clients with their customers through an online chat solution and other social media activity.

Thanks to the power of the internet and our passionate employees, we developed several strategies to help provide ongoing support to our customers through these unprecedented times. Now more than ever before, our team of experts still deliver an effective customer journey and with the same level of importance, deliver ROI to the Client.

Testing all the online chat platforms was essential, and the digital team researched several online chat solutions that would complement the exceptional level of service that we achieve in-store.

Next, our product specialists were trained on the online chat platform. The training was completed on the front of the chat system and on the chat mainframe to enable them to manage multiple chats seamlessly. Besides system training our training team delivered an online customer journey to ensure our customers still received the same level of service, they were used to face to face.

Stress testing our new online chat service was crucial, and who would be better to test this new chat solution other than our client stakeholders themselves? Before the official launch, our client partners had unique access to our chat portal, where they could impersonate real customers and test the resistance of our new online chat solution.
Launching the online chat solution has been a massive success and a proud moment for all involved. The satisfaction of allowing our experts to continue to provide exceptional one-to-one customer service remotely is an extraordinary achievement at Big Picture.

As we look forward to coming out the other side of this difficult time, we now have an online chat solution not just for now, but for the future. There are few things guaranteed in life or business, however, one thing is certain, the change will happen.
So, we will continue to embrace change, creating new solutions for the whole community and supporting our clients…the better Picture…the Big Picture. Following the link to get chatting.

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