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‘Tis the season to make profit… and train your staff

As the leaves begin to fall, the nights start to lengthen, and high streets become illuminated for people all over the world, it truly “Tis the Season to be Jolly”. In the lead up to this peak period that retailers and brands globally deem the golden quarter, for them most importantly “tis the season to make profit”.

During the period over November and December, retailers on the high street and online are expected to make 25% of their annual takings. There are five fundamental dates during this period that brands want to focus their attention on. Singles Day on the 11th November, a Chinese holiday that in 2017 generated 4 times more sales than Black Friday in the USA. Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the last weekend of November has gained massive global traction over recent years with combined sales exceeding £12 billion. Christmas, the original reason we get excited for the holiday season and by far still the most popular date in the calendar which sees sales in the UK during this period in excess of £50 billion. And finally, the Boxing Day sales on the 26th December the UK public spend over £4.5 Billion.

With this vast acceleration in retail sales in mind, it is vital that retail staff are prepared for the increased volume in footfall and sales. The best way to prepare staff for this boosted pressure, is to ensure that they receive relevant and up to date training.  The most important reason to invest in retail staff training is so that your employees are well-informed on new products, sales techniques, and how-to best deal with different customer personas. Well-trained employees translate into happy customers, and happy customers are more likely to purchase items from your brand on a regular basis. Customers are more likely to buy into your brand and products if in-store staff are confident and enthusiastic. If a customer isn’t fully committed to completing a purchase, the difference may simply be the presence (or lack) of confidence a salesperson has towards the product or towards their knowledge of the product. Becoming educated on a product and its uses will help cement that confidence. Excellent retail staff training ensures your employees are familiar with your company’s marketing strategy and convey a consistent brand message in-person and across online channels. The last thing you want is for your employees to be sending mixed messages to your customers that can hurt brand perception. This includes information on upcoming promotions and events but can also include details about the business mission and values.

Research shows that over 60% of UK retailers are already planning for next year’s peak season. With over 20 years Industry experience, Big Picture has its finger on the pulse and are aware that helping our clients plan effectively and manage the increase in activity during this golden quarter results in high profitability rather than missed opportunity. By creating brief and informative training modules in advance for our clients, we are able to visit stores prior to peak and deliver training to Christmas temps and permanent staff eliminating any knowledge gaps around products, report back any instore concerns and monitor stock levels which ultimately helps drive sales increasing revenue and manage our clients expectations.

When it comes to getting your teams being prepared for peak, Big Picture are in the right position to provide the support your brand needs in order to be successful and to optimise this prime month. If you would like to know more about the services, we offer and what we can do for your brand please contact us on

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