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Virtual Working

Virtual Working

Virtual working has us virtually mixed up about reality.

What we have been up to…

Over the last few years, we have been supporting our clients at events and within their businesses to promote the Virtual / Augmented Reality experience. Through interactive demonstration and scoping out new usage models, our team encountered resistance around both need and user experience. But as the technologies improved many obstacles were overcome and we began to make some headway. Then lockdown hit. Now, asking people to use a headset, even though sanitised, is probably much further away than before.

So, what next?

Well, the future of virtual working or virtual, augmented or even mixed reality may have been improved by the pandemic. Every day we connect virtually with each other. We have found ways to improve our user experience and we most certainly have found the usage models. We need this virtual connection both for our businesses and for our sanity. So how do we go to the next level?

Finding a platform which adds value to our customers’ experience is the key. The team in Big Picture have been trialling chat, audio and live or pre-recorded video demonstrations, at a level we would never have thought likely before. With this engagement strategy, we have had more positive feedback from customers who would normally not see themselves as tech-savvy. So that first barrier has gone, and it is these customers who may also be the last to venture out to visit us in-store. Amazing virtual reality and Augmented reality systems are being used to support our supply service industries like gas, electric and water and we will continue to support these.

But the real breakthrough will come when the mixed reality solutions are available in our own homes. When the experience outweighs the technology, the opportunities will be endless. Follow the link to find out more about Big Picture core services.

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