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Website Design: Mastering Form & Function

Website Design
Mastering Form & Function

Recently at Big Picture, the team has been hard at work behind the scenes. Crafting and refining our website design and brand aesthetic. Big Picture certainly believes that small details make big ideas happen, and that reflects in everything we do.

Firstly we have had a complete design overhaul during the past two months. Not only does this includes our website design, social media profiles but also our internal content and documentation.

When designing a website, it has to begin with an open dialogue, that involves evaluating what’s working, and what isn’t. Furthermore, you have to ask some hard questions about branding and visual aesthetics. Therefore getting to the core of what you want your audience to take away from that visual experience.

Without a doubt, it has to be a team effort. Whether it’s sourcing images, writing copy or bug testing when it comes to website design its all hands on deck.

Timeless & On-Trend

To start, for the new website design, we chose to stick to our guns when it came to brand aesthetics. Focussing in on what makes Big Picture tick. Deciding to trim the unnecessary fat in certain areas and putting our best foot forward. This is emphasised throughout by the royal blue offset against a regal gold. These design aesthetics are emphatic of our statement “The UK’s premier field marketing agency”.

In particular, we have utilised current website design trends to modernise the experience. Using thick bold Sans Serifs to create powerful dominating headings that overlap a rich library of images. These pan in and out of view, juxtaposed against crisp light body copy as you scroll through a seamless dynamic parallax experience.

This effect creates a narrative and journey through “who we are” and “what we do”. Ensuring content is delivered in bite-size chunks as not to overwhelm the end-user.

Accelerated Website Design

Secondly, we have made the best use of Google’s accelerated mobile pages. To dynamically serve a unique version of the website design when a user connects to the server from a mobile device. This is a huge advantage when it comes to displaying content that is not only adaptive & responsive but completely custom-designed, specifically for mobile devices as so many of individuals browse the internet using our mobile devices every day.

The end result after weeks of planning, design and build is a culmination of efforts from across the team to build something we can take pride in, something that really shows off our skills & talents here at Big Picture.

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