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ZOEMINI – Spreading the word


The Product

Zoemini was launched last year with very favourable reviews and a positive reception amongst the younger generation of social media savvy consumers. The Zoemini is a slim, lightweight and small mini printer that weighs 160 grams and comes in a variety of attractive finishes black, white and pink.  It is the ultimate pocket sized device that fits in your bag or pocket and will instantly print  images taken on your mobile device wherever you are and what ever you’re doing.

The excellent Zoemini Mini Print app allows the technology customer to add effects to their snaps with a variety of filters, doodles, frames and types. The images are printed on “sticky backed“ print paper that can be displayed anywhere the customer wishes.

It’s a great, fun product with a great potential sales and market impact.

The Challenge

The marketing challenge for us at Big Picture was how to sell this innovative product on the shop floor and engage the customer.  We wanted to excite the young consumer with the range, and more importantly, experience the fun the Zoemini can be to use.

We wanted to create an event that would create a real “buzz” in store.

The Strategy

We immediately approached our colleagues at John Lewis Southampton.

This store has an excellent Experience Desk on the main floor where the busiest concentration of foot flow is. The Experience Desk has been designed to create excitement and interest around brands and services available in store. The almost ‘concierge” type reception is manned by trained, specially uniformed John Lewis staff. The Desk lists services and activities going on in store that day, what floors they are taking place on and the product itself. We asked the Experience Desk to promote the Zoemini and direct interested customers to a specially created ‘engagement” stand on the 5th floor in the Technology Department.

Once there our excellent and experienced Canon Representative Baz would be available to guide customers through taking a snap on their mobile device, adding effects and texts through to printing off a copy of the snap to keep. Canon had provided extra Zoeminis and print paper. John Lewis organized additional staff support to help Baz that Saturday as more and more customers approached him to use and experience Zoemini. We placed the stand by the Canon’s display so that customers could also easily engage with the rest of the Canon range

The Result

All Zoemini stock sold out.

A younger customer demographic engaged with Canon and had a lot of fun while doing so.

In addition there was a “spin off “ as customers began looking at the rest of the Canon range. We also sold out of Selphy printers that day as customers focused on the Canon brand from taking the shot, to printing it off.

A genuine excitement was created around the Canon brand in store.

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