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Digital Solutions

We’re a laboratory of creative ideas! Combining novel tech & tried-and-tested systems with our expert industry knowledge, brands can count on optimised sales journeys that boost ROI and sales lead generation.


Learning & Development

We build and design engaging online Learning Management System platforms with interactive e-learning training modules, immersive gamification and certification, that turns novice employees into industry experts and specialists.

LMS platforms increase employee training efficiency up to 93%

source: Software Advice

L&D Services

LMS Platform Design & Development

We build user-friendly and supportive online LMS platforms to suit all users on their e-learning journey.

Learning Modules Design

We design e-learning modules that are not just informative, but also reflective of real-life scenarios and ensure that content is transferable to the field.

Gamification & Certification

We create immersive e-learning experiences through gamification and certification, giving users the ability to keep track of their progress.


Point of Sale

Keep your employees updated with the latest information through supportive, high-quality print and digital media produced by our talented design team.

65% of information is retained when presented in visual form in comparison to text

source: European Journal of Cognitive Psychology

pos Services


We design high-quality brochures that are sure to impress clients and customers with creative designs that are eye-catching and visually pleasing.


Our captivating one-pagers are designed to be attention-grabbing and informative, delivering content to readers with the creative use of visual elements and layouts.


Keep your readers updated with effective and versatile newsletters that communicate your message to your audience.


Video Animation

Optimise learning through our visually captivating product explainer and training videos that provide an immersive experience resulting in more engaged learners.

Employees are 75% more likely to watch videos than read documents, emails, or web articles.

source: Forrester Research

video animation Services

Video Training

Our training videos use visually engaging and interactive elements to ensure effective training is conducted, which is sure to get users prepared and ready for the field.

Product Explainer

We create concise, captivating product-explainer videos with professional scripting and high-quality visuals.

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